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The Week 15 matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears features division rivals squaring off for the final time this season. We've got the fantasy projections courtesy of numberFire.
Green Bay Packers
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had issues with his hamstring and calf muscle lately, but that hasn’t stopped him from producing for his fantasy owners. A-Rod scorched the Seattle Seahawks in Week 14. He needed just 18 completions on 23 passing attempts to put together 246 passing yards and a trio of touchdowns. Rodgers posted 326 yards and three touchdowns against the Bears earlier this season. Week 15 should yield more of the same production from No. 12,cheap nfl football jersey, which will be enough to get him past his projections and give fantasy owners a chance to advance further in the postseason.
When the Packers decide to run the ball, it will end up in the hands of Ty Montgomery. Head coach Mike McCarthy stated during the week that Montgomery is now permanently a running back and not a receiver. Neither Christine Michael nor James Starks has been effective out of the backfield, so the move makes sense. Throw in the fact that Montgomery will also see some screen passes from Rodgers given that he’s used to playing the receiver position, and Montgomery has even more value in PPR formats. This should be a high-scoring game, and Montgomery could surprise people and be a top fantasy option in Week 15.
Chicago Bears
Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery will be back in the lineup against the Packers. His four-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs is now over. Quarterback Matt Barkley is playing surprisingly well and Green Bay’s defense has been suspect all year long. Don’t be surprised if Jeffery ranks among the league’s top fantasy receivers this week. While that’s certainly an optimistic outlook heading into Sunday’s game, fantasy owners should keep in mind that Jeffery has just one touchdown catch in 2016.
The more likely Bears player to score a touchdown on Sunday is running back Jordan Howard. After scoring three times against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13,cheap hotels jersey shore, Howard posted 86 yards on 13 carries against the Detroit Lions. That’s an impressive 6.6 yards per carry. If the Bears can find a way to keep Green Bay close throughout the afternoon, Howard could surpass 100 yards rushing. Those kind of numbers would put him well past his projections in Week 15.

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TV ratings for the College Football Playoff were down massively, 1.) because the games were blowouts and 2.) because of?the foolish decision to move the games from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve.
ESPN, which has the rights to the Playoff games as well as the four other New Year's Six games, knew this could happen. It?tried to move the Playoff games to Jan. 2 for this year. It was rebuffed by the conferences, because of pre-existing contracts and a desire to keep the bowls with long-standing traditions of playing on New Year's Day happy.
Thanks to bad timing of the games and enormous blowouts, the ratings were disastrous. Not only did the Playoff games suffer massive drops in TV viewership, other games suffered their worst ratings in decades. Per CBS, the Rose Bowl had its worst ratings since records were kept, and the Sugar Bowl had its worst since 1999.
However, it was the job of somebody at ESPN's PR department to make it look as if this was all fine.?Those people had to put together a press release on how this was all actually good.
The TV viewership decline was explained by the fact that every game was a blowout.
The 7.1 overnight rating average for the New Year's Six - in which average margin victory across the six games was 24 points ??? is down 13% from last season's 8.2.
SB Nation College Football
But then, there are explanations of why what happened is actually good.
Four of the New Year's Six bowl games saw ratings increases from their same bowl last year (i.e. Cotton Bowl vs. Cotton Bowl), including the Fiesta Bowl featuring No. 8 Notre Dame vs. No. 7 Ohio State (New Year's Day at 1 p.m. ET), which earned a 6.2 overnight, up 35% from the Fiesta Bowl last season.?As previously documented, the Orange Bowl was up 102%, Cotton Bowl up 87%, and Peach Bowl up 21%.
The Cotton and Orange this year had increased ratings from the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl last year. Last year, the Cotton and Orange were not Playoff games. This year they were. It would be troubling if there wasn't an increase for the games that gained importance.
Last year, the Fiesta was a 4 p.m. Eastern game on New Year's Eve between Boise State and Arizona. That means it kicked off at 2 p.m. on a non-holiday Wednesday in the time zones of the two smaller teams. This year, the Fiesta was a New Year's Day kickoff between Ohio State and Notre Dame,cheap car rentals in jersey city, two of the biggest fanbases in college football. Again, it would be shocking if there wasn't an increase.
It's neat that the Peach Bowl's viewership went up in the same time slot as last year, though, which could perhaps be explained by Houston's win over Florida State remaining more competitive than last year's TCU blowout of Ole Miss.
The four bowls which were not designated as a semifinal this season (Peach, Fiesta, Rose, and Sugar) averaged a 5.8 overnight, up 26% from the four bowls last season which were not semifinals (Peach, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton).

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Last year, three of the four bowls that weren't semifinals were on New Year's Eve, which isn't a day people get off from work. This year, three of the four were on New Year's Day were on New Year's Day, which is a day people get off from work. It's not surprising that more people watched the non-semifinals this year.
Four of the New Year's Six also saw ratings increases from their corresponding time slots last year, including the Fiesta Bowl which was up 17% from the 2015 New Year's Day early afternoon game (Cotton Bowl).?As previously documented, the Orange Bowl was up 111% from the 2014 New Year's Eve late afternoon game (Fiesta Bowl) and the Cotton Bowl was up 106% from the 2014 New Year's Eve prime time game (Orange Bowl).
It shouldn't be surprising that more people watched the New Year's Eve games this year, because they were Playoff games. Last year, fewer people skipped out on work/social obligations on Dec. 31, because the g